Live entertainment for the 2016 Taste of the Heights Food Festival will be performed by the band Suave.

Meet The Band

Live Music By Suave

L to R: Rene Burguan (trumpet, congas), Xavier Marquez (guitar), Rick Sanchez (keyboards),
Miriah Avila (vocals), Carlo Tanori (bass), Marco Duarte (vocals),
Eddie Chavira (sax & vocals), Peter Garcia (drums), & David Leon (trombone).

About Suave

Suavé was formed in 1998 by Rene Burguan. Since it’s inception this 10 piece power house band has thrilled audiences throughout Southern California with it’s energetic music and high spirit onstage antics. Sauvé’s success stems from their ability to authentically perform many different styles of music. This includes Jazz, Rock, Swing, R&B, and of course Latin music including Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, ChaCha and others.

The group is made up of seasoned veteran musicians from the Los Angeles area. Every member has received praise for their professionalism and high performance level. Suavé from the start has been a “weekend warrior” band. All of its members currently hold full time jobs in various respected fields. They all enjoy music for the sheer joy of playing and performing for the public. With these basic principles in place the band has become one of the most sought after bands in the Southland.

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